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What Are Tru Point Markers™

Tru-Point Markers™ were designed, developed, and patented by Real Estate Professional, C.E. Truax. After decades of seeing problems and selling delays brought on by property boundary disputes, Mr. Truax designed Tru-Point Markers™ to address these problems. Tru-Point Markers™ will provide security and satisfaction property owners have not enjoyed in the past.

Designed for use by Licensed Professional Surveyors, a Tru-Point Markers™ is the final answer in Permanent Property Survey Monumentation. Property owners may purchase Tru-Point Markers™ prior to their land survey, or may request the Surveyor return to install our markers in place of his original wooden stakes, rebar or other marking implement.

**State Regulations PROHIBIT property owners replacing markers
placed by a Licensed Surveyors. We recommend property owners
have all markers installed and recorded by a Licensed Professional
Surveyor for validation.

Tru Point Easy Drive Markers™

Tru Point Augered Markers™

Our variety of styles accommodate your every need in permanent property survey monumentation. Tru-Point Markers™ are easily installed and the dome tops, which lay flush to the ground, are easily visible and do not interfere with normal use of the property. Mow, drive or walk over our markers with ease. Our 4 ft. fluorescent fiberglass rod may be used for added visibility from a distance, in tall grassy areas or heavy woods. Engineered using quality Stainless and Cold-Rolled Steel, Tru-Point Markers™ are manufactured to insure your boundaries will be easily known for many generations to come.the module Advanced settings.

Some Suggested Uses:


  • Personal Property – Subdivision Development
  • Municipalities – County – State – Local
  • Federal Government – Corps of Engineers
  • Underground Lines: Gas – Electric – Sewer – Water
  • Farmland Division – Campgrounds – Ball Fields
  • Shopping Center Development – Volley Ball Courts
  • Landscaping – Parking Lots – Driveways
  • Sidewalks – Cemeteries – Concrete Foundations…and Much More

Tru Point Concrete Markers™

Additional Visibility Area

Use our 4 foot fluorescent fiberglass rod (sold seperately) for farmland, large lots, or subdivisions when additional visibility is needed.  The rods help guide heavy equipment operators, landscapers, fence installers and more. When no longer needed, the rods can be hacksawed off at ground level and saved for another time.

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My name is C.E. "Ed" Truax, and I am the President of Tru-Point Markers™ , Inc.  It is important to me that my customers receive the quality and satisfaction they deserve.  If  you have any questions feel free to email us using the form below.

We're here to assist you with every aspect of customer service. If any questions arise as you surf through our site, you may also call us at 502-477-9204 during regular business hours, Mon-Sat 9am-5pm EST.

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Testimonials of Our Products

“As a developer, it is my opinion that Tru-Point Markers™  has brought a product to the market that is long overdue.  No more missing survey stakes on my jobsites.  I can not only be certain of where the boundaries lie, but I can also mark sewer and water lines.”

Taylorsville, KY 

Paul Hinson

Land Developer, Hinson Contracting & Development

“I recently had my property re-surveyed so as to clearly and permanently mark all corners, as well as interim markers at 200 ft intervals. Your stainless steel markers were very easy to install, providing rugged and permanent locating points. Even with the ground being frozen, and in less than ideal weather conditions…working with the Surveyor, not one marker was affected by the ground conditions (especially the rocks) while ratcheting them in. Using the wrench handle, and their ‘screw in design’ made installation convenient even though we were wearing gloves. The fiberglass rod inserts proved useful, being sturdy and highly visible.


Thanks a lot for both the quality product and their fast delivery upon order placement.”

Owego, NY

Ward J

Property Owner

“Your website was very helpful to our situation.  Our surveyor had put in stakes to mark the boundariers of our property, and we had a fencer installed.  When we realized that the fence would not really let us know where all four corners of our property were for the future, we found your website.  The markers were inexpensive compared to the monuments that the surveyor would have installed and they were well made, easy to install and look like they will last a very long time.  We are particularly happy with the fact that they are visible but our lawn mowers can cut the grass right over them.”

East Northpoint, NY

Ray M

Property Owner

“I know I will never own another piece of property without marking it with Tru-Point Markers.  They are the future in survey monuments.  I am certain where my property lines are now, and that’s a really good feeling. I’m telling everyone I know about them and just how easy they are to use. Thanks Ed Truax for putting my mind at ease.”

Louisville, KY

Sam B

Property Owner

“I ordered the Easy Drive 18″ markers for the surveyors to install when they marked my property boundaries.   These markers are unique and I found nothing else which compared to them.  They are substantial and nice looking, much better than rebar and much easier to install than cement markers.  The dome shape is visible but not intrusive and they will be easy to locate in the future if they become covered with dirt or vegetation.  I am very pleased with this product and the engineering company which did my survey was impressed with them, as well.”

York County, PA



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520 Fairground Rd.
Taylorsville, KY  40071-9644

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