Mow, drive or walk over our markers with ease. Our 4 ft. fluorescent fiberglass rod may be used for added visibility from a distance, in tall grassy areas or heavy woods. Engineered using quality Stainless and Cold-Rolled Steel, Tru-Point Markers™ are manufactured to insure your boundaries will be easily known for many generations to come.


Our variety of styles accommodate your every need in permanent property survey monumentation. Tru-Point Markers™ are easily installed and the dome tops, which lay flush to the ground, are easily visible and do not interfere with normal use of the property.

The True Point of Ownership

Savings in time and money –

  • Property Owners – No waiting for a new survey when you’re ready to sell. Walk your prospective buyer straight to your boundaries.
  • Licensed Surveyors – Our markers are easy to locate and verify for new property owners. Increase your job time efficiency and do more jobs in less time!
  • Real Estate Professionals – True confidence in the property being sold…No costly delays brought about by boundary disputes.

Pass on a Secure Legacy –

  • Our high quality Stainless and Cold-Rolled Steel markers mean your boundaries will be easily known for many years.

Confident Property Buyers –

  • Buyers will know exactly what they are buying!

In Sight But Not in the Way –

  • Our dome tops lay flush to the ground and are easily visible but do not interfere with the normal use of the  property.  Walk, drive and mow over our markers with ease.

Good Neighbor Relations –

  • No disputes with neighbors over property lines! No more spoiled friendships or reckless loss of life over a boundary!


Additional Visibility Area

Use our 4 foot fluorescent fiberglass rod (sold seperately) for farmland, large lots, or subdivisions when additional visibility is needed.  The rods help guide heavy equipment operators, landscapers, fence installers and more. When no longer needed, the rods can be hacksawed off at ground level and saved for another time.



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